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Tire to rubber granules through the tire recycling equipment is a mainstream type of tyre recovery.There are more than three billion waste tires all over the world now and it is growing at one billion waste tires each year.Waste tire is called "black pollution", has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance and is very hard to degrade, so it gradually becomes new solid waste pollution sources. If this "black pollution" can not be disposed early, it will cause great harms to the environment.
The traditional disposal method of waste tires is to burn or pile up outdoor for a long time, but whether burning or piling up, waste tire would take up a lot of land. And it will also breed mosquitoes to spread disease, worsen the natural environment, destroy the plant and vegetation and severely endanger the earth ecological environment. Moreover, it will cause new environmental pollution during burning waste tires, be easy to cause fire and also waste a huge resources. So it is not a good way to dispose waste tires by burning, piling up and landfill.

Waste tire is a huge resources and we need turn "waste" into wealth. Tire Recycling Equipment can crush waste rubber products into rubber granules by separating and grinding to realize the recycling and reusing of waste rubbers. The finished rubber granules and rubber powder can be widely used in stadium runway, school playground, modified asphalt and also can be made into rubber pipe, rubber overshoes, rubber conveyor belt, rubber floor tile and deceleration strip by high temperature and high-pressure desulfurization.

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The recycling and granulation of waste PET bottles is basically the same as the recycling and granulation of waste products in the production process of PET bottles. However, because the waste PET bottles after application are relatively dirty, they must be strictly cleaned to remove oil, dust and other sundries. ; In addition, waste PET bottles are often accompanied by accessories such as caps, labels, and bottom brackets. Since they are usually made of other materials, these accessories must be sorted separately during the recycling and granulation of waste PET bottles. remove.

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Zhengzhou Quran Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of environmental protection recycling equipment, especially in waste tire recycling equipment and waste battery recycling equipment, which has unique advantages and strengths. There are more than 10 technical talents, including 1 doctor, 3 associate professors, and 5 engineers; it has self-built comprehensive laboratories and more than 20 sets of advanced experimental equipment); more than 10 utility model patents, and it is also an important environmental protection in the industry. Equipment production and research and development enterprises. And joined China Renewable Resources Industry Association, Manufacturing Association and other industry organizations.

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